Our Portfolio

Here are a few of our website development projects:

Screenshot of website for Central Coast Oyster Festival at centralcoastoysterfestival.com


This is a website maintenance project for the Central Coast Oyster Festival. I’ve updated and maintained the website for the past two seasons, including working out some image configuration and design issues, adding media such as menus, sponsor packages and video, and writing some content for the site. You can view the site at CentralCoastOysterFestival.com.

Screenshot for Drive To Thrive Nutrition website at drivetothrivenutrition.com


This is a simple blog and informational website for a nutrition coaching business. Visit the site at DriveToThriveNutrition.com.

HenryandMelissa Screenshot


Wedding websites are all the rage these days! This website features information about the wedding, the wedding party, gift registries and information for out-of-town guests on where to stay and grab a meal. You can visit the website at HenryAndMelissa.Wedding.

Screenshot of website for Serendipity Press publishing and literary magazine at serendipitypress.com


This is a website developed for a publishing company and literary magazine. The site has a portfolio feature which will allow the company to add each book as it is published, including ratings and reviews, and link to the book for sale at Amazon.com. You can see the website at Serendipity.Press.

Screenshot for website of author and motivational speaker Wendy Burbridge at wendyburbridge.com


This is a website under development for author and motivational speaker Wendy Burbridge. Wendy wanted a website that would pop and let people get to know her right away, with highly visible, up-front menu navigation and social media links. You can view the site (still in process) at WendyBurbridge.com.

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