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WordPress User Roles

Your WordPress website can have one or more “users.” Users are assigned “roles” which give them a degree of access to the “back end” of your website (the dashboard and administrative features). Your website may have just one user who acts as the administrator of the website. Or you may have multiple users who help with or contribute content to your website or who subscribe so that they can have access to, for example, password-protected content.

Here are the available user roles for your WordPress site:


An administrator has access to all the administrative features of your website. You must have at least one administrator – this is a mandatory role.


An editor is an optional role. An editor can publish and manage posts on your website, including the posts of other users.


An author is an optional role. An author can publish and manage his or her own posts, but cannot publish or manage the posts of other users.


A contributor is an optional role. A contributor can write and manage his or her own posts, but cannot publish them. The contributor’s posts must be approved and published by an editor or administrator.


A subscriber has limited access to the back end of your website solely for the purpose of managing his or her profile. The subscriber has no involvement in creating or managing content for your website, but has access to content specifically designated by you, for example, password-protected content which is not available to the general public.

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